Introducing a Wanderer’s Blog

DustonandI  Adventure Begins  Eisley

Welcome peeps!  You can call me Jules.  I’m a glass is overflowing kind of girl, where everyone I meet is bound to be my best friend and every day is definitely going to be the best day ever.  It was with this mindset that I oh-so-quickly agreed to move from Kansas City to Mexico City with my fiance, Duston, for his job.  A new adventure, right?  Well, said adventure meant leaving my home and my job (but I got to bring the dog!) so I arrived in the DF (that’s what the locals call Mexico City) with wide eyes ready to explore…and plenty of time to do so.

I’ve started this blog to share my adventure as well as many others I’ve had across the globe.  Just a few things to expect:

Mini-Series Mondays – Because there’s so much in the world to be excited about, I can’t commit to one thing month after month.  Each month I’ll start a new topic that we’ll cover on Monday’s to go in-depth on one specific topic or place.  It can be anything from Planning a Destination Wedding (which I’m currently doing) to highlighting a specific city and all it’s fabulous finds.

Wandering Wednesdays – Life can’t be planned out all the time, so Wednesday is my catch-all-post-what-I-want day.  From global recipes to styles and trends by city , Wednesday will keep things interesting for us, folks.

Feature Fridays – Just for fun, lets feature all things travel on Fridays.  From tips and tools to apps and travel guides, Fridays will take you across the globe with everything you need to enjoy your adventure.

So today we start our life of wander together.  You ready?



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