Monday Mini-Series: Mexico City

For our time in the DF, Duston and I are staying in an upscale area of the Miguel Hidalgo borough called Polanco. Our apartment is across the street from Parque Lincoln, a charming neighborhood park where Eisley and I take our morning walks.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.34.08 PM

From flower shops and bakeries to ice cream parlors and boutiques, Polanco is a popular area for the wealthy residents of Mexico City. And restaurants! There are so many delicious restaurants in the Polanco area that city dwellers flock here at night and on weekends to enjoy the tasty fare.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.42.17 PM

For the Foodies:

  • Porfirio’s Restaurant. While you may be able to get in during the week without a reservation, for best tables or on the weekend, a reservation is a must. One thing to note: their tacos are very small…meaning they each can fit in the palm of your hand. They are delicious (and spicy) so definitely try them…just get an appetizer or salad as well.
  • Villa Maria. This Mexican restaurant caters well to their English-speaking customers. They are a family friendly, local joint that serves up delicious food and drinks. Try the prime rib tacos…holy guacamole they’re good!
  • Debbie and Peponne. This little restaurant/bakery is the perfect place to have coffee or lunch. It’s right around the corner from our apartment so we eat there once a week.
  • Costanza. Not Mexican food but definitely worth an evening out. This Italian restaurant not only serves yummy lasagna but they locally source their ingredients and avoid additives and artificial preservatives in their food.
  • Neveria Roxy Polanco. Best ice cream in Polanco, in my opinion. They have fresh coconut ice scream with coconut flakes in it as well as many other flavors to taste test. One of my favorite things to order at Roxy is an ice cream float with vanilla ice cream and mineral water. Just trust me, people. It’s delicious.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.38.39 PM

For the Explorers:

(Since most of the websites for these attractions are in Spanish, I’ve linked to various travel sites for more information in English.)

  • Avenida Presidente Masaryk. This avenue is a short 5-minute walk from our place and hosts the best of the best fashion brands in the world. Masaryk is Latin America’s equivalent of NYC’s Fifth Avenue or Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive.
  • Chapultepec Park. As one of the largest parks this side of the world, Chapultepec consists of over 1,695 acres. With so much space it contains more than just trees. In the park, you’ll find the Chapultepec Zoo, Museum of Anthropology and the Rufino Tamayo Museum.
  • Soumaya Museum(silver building pictured above) While the building of this museum is impressive enough, the admission to go inside is free and it’s located in a popular area near the Aquarium and Antara Polanco, one of the many fashion malls in Mexico City.

If you find yourself wandering in the streets of Polanco, let me know. We’ll chat over tapas at an outdoor café.





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