What’s Your Vacation Personality?

You’ve saved, you’ve planned and you’ve packed – all for that perfect time away. So your much-needed, much-deserved vacay should be nothing less than amazing, right? Then why do we sometimes find ourselves at must-see, can’t miss destinations not having fun? Because every bucket list destination in the world isn’t for every personality type.

When planning for a trip, it’s important to think thru your own personality type so you end up in a place you actually enjoy.

Lets break down some ‘types’ of vacations and a few hot spots to try for each.

Relax, Relax, Relax

If your idea of a vacation means that the only time you stand up is to walk to a lounge chair, then this one’s for you. Sometimes we just need to be able to do nothing and this is that type of vacation. A place where there’s not much to do but that doesn’t matter because you don’t need anything more than a quite spot with a good book or a fishing pole.

Domestic Destination: Montana.  Known for it’s sweeping natural settings, Montana is great for a relaxing, outdoors experience.

Montana Glacier National Park

Photo source here.

International Destination: Belize.  Whether you like the beach, jungle or both, Belize provides the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation.

Blue Hole

Photo source here.

Splurge Destination: Bora Bora. Beautifully remote is the best descriptor for this hot spot.  It takes some time to get there, so plan for at least a week.


Photo source here.

Oh Darling, Lets be Adventurers

For those of you who would be bored after one day on a “relaxing” vacation – a place with a little more adventure might be just what you need. There are so many natural destinations in this world that provide a variety of things to explore and keep your interest. Below are a few:

Domestic Destination: Oregon. From cycling to hiking to kayaking, Oregon is the perfect place to see natural wonders while on-the-go.


Photo source here.

International Destination: Chile.  There are few other locations in the world that give you both the the bitter cold and the extremely hot – with a little history sprinkled in.

Chile - Easter Island

Photo source here.

Splurge Destination: Thailand.  While it takes some time and money to get there, Thailand is an inexpensive location once you get there. For those who like to backpack thru jungles and along beaches alike, Thailand is an incredible destination.  Below is my oh-so-memorable experience riding elephants in the ruins.  Remember my Top 10 post, including hand wipes?  Take those with you when going to Thailand!


We Can’t Stop

If the idea of sleeping in makes you anxious because you might miss something, then a place with several attractions should be your next destination. For the on-the-go traveler who prefers the urban jungle to the real jungle, these are great cities to check out:

Domestic Destination: New York City, NY. The number one destination for people traveling to the States shouldn’t be missed by those of us in the US.  This city is everything a busy traveler could want: FAB food (try a hot dog in Central Park), Broadway shows and attractions such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. Take a stroll on the High Line, it’ll be worth your time.

Lower Manhattan Skyline from the Manhattan Bridge, New York City

Photo source here.

International Destination: Rome, Italy.  As you can see from my photo below, Rome is the perfect mix of old and new.  With ruins among city buildings, there’s more to see and do in Rome that one trip will allow.  For this city, try and take your time in the places you do go visit – the city will fill up your heart one attraction and pasta dish at a time!


Splurge Destination: Tokyo, Japan.  The sights, sounds and smells will take over your senses.  If you’re looking for a city adventure like no other, check out Tokyo.  And download Google translator, as most people do not speak English.


Photo source here.

Nothing’s Quite Like Home

While traveling can be an unforgettable experience, we aren’t always able to get away. That doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to ourselves for a “Stay-cation.”

If you have a free:

Afternoon – Grab coffee with a friend and then go to your favorite store. Even if you don’t purchase anything, spend some time in a place that makes you happy.

Weekend – Choose a restaurant you’ve never tried. Book a massage. Drink lots of wine.

Week – Lucky! Don’t spend this time cleaning and getting your to-do list accomplished…unless you do that on the first day only. Make a list of the top 10 things you’ve always wanted to do in your city (or nearby city) and then go and explore – all the while sleeping in your nice comfortable bed each night.

Group or Solo Travel

If you’re bound and determined to book a vacation with friends, pick a place that allows for lots of flexibility. Each person/couple will want to do different things at some point, so give everyone plenty of unscheduled time to enjoy the trip as they choose.

Best for groups: All-Inclusive vacations. Two great options:

Domestic Destination: Napa Valley Wine Train.  A wine trip with a built-in designated driver?  Sign me up!  This is a great way to spend some quality time with friends and see a good part of the wine-producing region of California.


Photo source here.

International Destination: Los Cabos, Mexico.  A perfect destination for a group that has all personality types included, Mexico provides an active or relaxing vacation, along with a touch of sunshine.


Photo source here.

If you’re planning to travel solo, then research thoroughly to ensure you’ve chosen a safe and easy to navigate location. And if this is your first solo trip, try checking out a country that speaks your language, that way you are able to get around or ask for help more easily.

Domestic Destination: Charleston, SC.  This charming city is located in the heart of Southern hospitality.  With beautiful plantations to explore as well as sandy beaches, you’ll make friends upon arrival and never want to leave.


Photo source here.

Domestic Destination: Hawaii.  Most people travel internationally to escape to a tropical destination but Hawaii gives you that setting here in the US.  This dreamy location provides activities for all types of travelers and welcomes solo guests with open arms.


Photo source here.

International Destination: London, England. One of the world’s most visited cities, London is a great location for the solo traveler.  This easy to navigate, English-speaking destination has oh-so-classy sites to see and places to visit.


Photo source here.

No matter what your personality, there’s a destination for you.  Comment and let me know your vacation personality.

Happy Travels!



3 thoughts on “What’s Your Vacation Personality?

  1. Love this post! My husband and I are traveling to Charleston, SC next month for our one year wedding anniversary. I lived there for five years and loved it! Looking forward for my hubby to enjoy the southern culture 🙂 xo, Shantell


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