Monday Mini-Series: Mexico City

Since this month’s Monday Mini-Series is all about Mexico City, lets talk about THE MARKETS. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a good market?

There are several markets in the DF so I’ve highlighted a few noteworthy ones to visit while in town.

La Ciudadela (Calle Baldera 6 and Enrico Martinez, Mexico City)

This fun little market is full of handcrafts from Mexico. While you want to shop wisely to make sure you’re actually purchasing an authentic piece, you can find anything from beaded animals to ceramics from Puebla.





San Angel Bazaar and Art Fair (Avenida Revolución and Frontera at the Plaza San Jacinto in San Ángel)

This market is my favorite because I love this area of town. In the plaza area of this market, you’ll find paintings galore. In the buildings surrounding the plaza, you’ll find Mexican wares of higher quality and price. If you’re looking for that one special piece to keep forever, this market is a great place to check out.


San Angel Paintings

Photo source here.

La Merced Market (Rosario 180, Venustiano Carranza, 15810, Mexico City)

La Merced is a huge traditional public market where mostly locals shop. The food section is housed in several warehouses. There are rows and rows and rows of every type of food you can imagine. Then there are sections where people can purchase clothing, school supplies, electronics…and lots of silk flowers.  Almost anything you need for life in Mexico City can be found here.

While this market is a great experience, it’s not a a place where you’ll find many souvenirs as a visitor.



MercedPhoto source here.

Floating Gardens of Xochimilco (Southern neighborhood of Xochimilco, Mexico City)

Not just a market but an overall experience, the Floating Gardens are definitely worth an afternoon of your time. Here’s the jist: You sit at a table on a boat and float down the river while you eat lunch (which you can bring or buy there), listen traditional mariachi bands and purchase souvenirs from other boats floating by.   Seriously, peeps, what’s not to like about this place?

floating-gardens-of-xochimilcoPhoto source here.

Xochimilco MariachisPhoto source here.

Mercado de Jamaica (Corner of Congreso de la Union and Guillermo Prieto, 15960 Mexico City)

This is Mexico City’s wholesale flower market. Even if you’re only visiting for a few days, purchasing beautiful flowers for your hotel room is a perfect excuse to stop by this market. The flowers are B-E-A-UTIFTUL. And did I mention cheap? Oh yeah, seriously cheap. You can purchase almost any type of flower or an arrangement they’ve already put together. So there’s really no reason to miss this market.

STOCK_flower_540x242Photo source here.

jamaica-liliesPhoto source here.

Case and point: I got the flowers below for $12 USD. I’m just saying…check it out.



I’m a huge fan of local markets in a city when traveling because you see the culture of the city. Shop wisely. Taste the food. Enjoy the experience.




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