Monday Mini-Series: The Holla-Days!

To kick off November right, we’re exploring our two favorite things: Holla-Days and Travel.  Gifts are nice but travel is better.  Experience, not stuff, is our motto this season and we can’t wait to explore some of these oh-so-festive destinations.

Go Cold or Go Home


Love the cold and want to have an unforgettable experience? Then Iceland is your go-to destination. Take a chance to see the Northern Lights, hike up a glacier and maybe see some whales. Your Iceland memories will be the gift that keeps giving for years to come.

iceland2Photo source here.


One of the most beautiful natural settings in the world, Banff has it all for the outdoors enthusiast. Live like a local and join the tradition of snow skiing on Christmas day. Try a new adventure such as dogsledding or ice fishing. Banff a fun-filled white Christmas for any family.


Photo source here.

Grab Your Sunnies

Tulum, Mexico

While Los Cabos and Cancun are popular destinations, Tulum offers a quieter, more peaceful escape. This destination is full of beaches, ruins and delicious food. Add in some yoga or a traditional Mayan massage and you have a perfect relaxing holiday.


Photo source here.

Caribbean Cruise

My family and I went on a Christmas Cruise a few years ago and it was an amazing experience. Not only do you get away from the cold weather but you truly make wonderful memories as you island hop your way across the sea. Caribbean Cruise

Photo source here.

City Slickers


While most think of NYC for holiday travel, Chicago is the perfect way to enjoy a white Christmas in a bustling city. Let the festive lights guide you down the Magnificent Mile for some last minute shopping and holiday cheer.


Photo source here.


Bundle up and visit a 700-year-old Christmas Market located just in front of Vienna’s Town Hall. From traditional holiday food to handcrafted gifts, this city will give you a Christmas experience you’ll never forget.


Photo source here.

Happy Travels!



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